Saturday, July 29, 2006

When in Austin TX you have to see Esther’s Follies

I was in Dallas working for Compliance Depot at the BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) Trade Show. I had a couple days off after the show and jumped down to Austin. A friend suggested seeing Esther’s Follies. Man, am I glad I went!!!

Esther’s Follies is Texas’ Premier Magical Musical-Comedy Troupe. It’s the New Vaudeville! Since 1977 Esther’s Follies has been performing Texas’ best topical satire, magic, musical-comedy parodies and sure-fire fun set against the backdrop of Austin’s hysterical, historical entertainment district: 6th Street!

The main reason I went was to meet Ray Anderson. Ray is an outstanding, charismatic, energetic showman and he’s hilarious, too. He’s an Austin native, a nationally renowned magician and has been with Esther’s Follies for over 15 years. He’s polished in his performance and his timing is well honed. He’s been deemed "best spellbinder" by the Austin Chronicle. He perplexes both audience members and curious 6th Street revelers peering through Esther’s trademark windows. Whether as himself or his "Amazing Frank" alter-ego, Ray uniquely combines magic and comedy in a way you probably have never seen before. Ray displays cutting edge illusions just feet away from the audience but what made the night magical for me was watching his rendition of the dancing cane. Without a doubt, Ray’s rendering is by far the best in the business!

If you love to laugh, and I do mean LOL, if you love music, if you love satire, if you love magic, I guarantee you’ll absolutely love Esther’s Follies. While you’re there please tell Ray Anderson, Al The Only sent you.

Esther’s Follies is located at 525 East 6th Street in weird and wonderful downtown Austin. For tickets call (512) 320-0553.

A trip to Austin won’t be complete unless you go.


Al The Only


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