Sunday, July 23, 2006

Amusionist Al The Only ... traveling Maine to Maui & Florida to Fairbanks - clean corporate comedy for company parties that works like magic!

Hi Folks,

Welcome to my blog. I’m professionally known as Al The Only. (Someday I’ll even tell you how I came up with that moniker.) I have been a full time professional magician for over 25 years and a part time comic / comedian for just as long. I perform at corporate events, trade shows, company banquets and association functions around the country. My plan is to use this blog as a way of sharing my experiences of life on the road, introduce you to some of the fascinating people I get to work for and just basically talk about human interest type stuff. I promise you’ll get information about various topics, insight into others lives, careers and businesses and tidbits that will, at least, make you smile and maybe brighten up your day. HEY I’M AN ENTERTAINER!

I log over 100,000 flight miles a year, so, I’ll be sharing travel stories; the good, the bad and the funny (at least after the fact). I’ll tell you about the hotels, resorts and dumps I get to stay at. I’ll give you tips for hotels, restaurants and places of interest. I’ll share travel bargains, suggestions for your travels, does and don’ts at airports and hope you’ll write back with your stories.

Other than travel I love to golf. I admit, I suck. No really, I do! Seriously I’m a 28 index. Sure I have moments of brilliance but when you take a few eights or tens it really screws up a score. I’ll tell you about some of the awesome courses I get to play while out on my travels and I’ll even mention a few cow pastures that would have been better off left for the bovine.

I’ll warn you that some of my stories will be a little bit long winded. What else would you expect from a professional speaker, corporate spokesperson and an enthusiastic story teller? Some of the stories would have been funnier had you been there and many of them will be more palatable with some Crown Royal.

As you get to know me you’ll learn that I enjoy Crown on the rocks. “Life’s too short to drink cheap whiskey” is one of my many mottos. (Another time I’ll tell you about a Christmas present I had received; it was a private tour of the Crown Royal bottling plant in Canada.)

I have to warn you, I’m also a closet marketer. No, that doesn’t mean I market closets (but I could if your company sold, manufactured or distributed closets and wanted to use me in your booth at a trade show). When I first got into show business I learned quickly that the only way to be successful is to run my business as a business. I was a firm believer in direct mailing. I still am, to a degree. I think we all love to get fun stuff in the mail. (God only knows we all get our share of bills.) Now with the explosion of the internet I’m totally psyched with the endless possibilities for advertising, marketing and sales. And this from a guy who does card tricks and makes people laugh. (Yeah, right, if it was only that easy.) So I’ll be sharing marketing ideas and tips. I really hope that others in the blogsphere will join in and add to the discussions. I’ve always believed we learned more by teaching and we receive two fold by sharing.

There are so many things to tell and so little space in the world wide web. HA!

I’ll tell you where I’m from, where I’m going and even where you might be able to catch my show. On slow news days I might throw in a JFTD, TFTD or a QFTD. Oops, I’m already ahead of myself. These are acronyms that I just made up. (Maybe I should coin them and sell them to Webster. Well, you heard them here first.) JFTD is for the “Joke for the Day.” TFTD stands for the “Thought for the Day” and QFTD is a “Quote for the Day.” I never know when I'll post these so please check back often.

We’ll take regular trips down memory lane. These will be old stories that surface to my conscious and I think you might enjoy.

I warned you that I can get long winded. Since you’re still with me, thanks for your interest. The ride is about to begin. Keep your arms and legs within the car until it comes to a complete stop. Make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened. If you like to be tickled, get your funny bone ready. Once we reach an altitude where electronic equipment can be used, make sure you have enough battery power to save the work you started or the game you’ve been playing. In case we lose pressure an oxygen mask will fall out from the ceiling. First put in on yourself, than on your children or anyone acting like a child near you. Breath normally and all will be fine.

I love what I do! Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a magician. I’m very fortunate and grateful to be living my dream. I’m ecstatic and excited to be sharing this with you. I hope you’ll come back and visit often and please tell your friends to drop by, too. Since I don’t drink beer I might find an old brewski in the fridge that someone left behind, but I always have fresh Crown Royal to share. (There’s a bottling plant in Canada that banks on it.)


Al The Only


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to Kiernan's Steak house, not only for the awesome lobster dinner, but also because I heard about "Al the Only". I must say that it was the most exciting dinner I've ever had! The food was delicious, and his entertainment was awesome. As he visits each table, you participate in his magic. I still can't believe my eyes! I've told everyone at my office about him, and they're all looking forward to seeing him, as well.

5:03 AM  

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