Monday, July 24, 2006

TFTD (Thought For The Day) = "It is choice, not chance, that determines our destiny!"

Sonia Fatheree, closes her e-mails with the above quote. Sonia is an Account Manager for Arthur J. Gallagher & Company in Orlando. She’s a delightful gal who is high spirited and motivated. My impression of her is that she’s willing to take chances to reach the best results. Sonia hired me, Magician Al The Only, to entertain with walk around, up-close, strolling magic at a welcome reception on Marco Island, Florida for Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) statewide Education Conference for State of Florida Officials. The conference was held at the Marco Island Hilton Resort. (My room overlooked the pool and Gulf Coast. Those Hilton folks sure make one feel welcome.)

Sonia found me on the internet. She checked out my website and looked at my references and list of past clients. She later admitted that it was when she spoke to me she knew I was the one for the event. I made her right and proud. Sonia even gave me a video testimonial that you can see on my website.

It may have been "CHANCE" that Sonia found me. The truth is that she was looking for entertainment for the kids. After we spoke she knew my talent and skill would be best used to entertain their very important adult attendees. It was her "CHOICE" to look outside of the box and convince her committee that Al The Only would be perfect for the welcome reception / cocktail party. The "DESTINY" that was determined that evening was that the attendees were blown away by the interactive sleight-of-hand and engaging, clean comedy. Best of all for Sonia, and me, was that all the principals (her bosses) were overwhelmed by the positive reaction of the attendees and where appreciative and glad of Sonia’s "CHOICE"

It’s your choice to come back and visit and please tell your friends to drop by, too.


Al The Only


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