Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A guy from Rockford, Illinois saw me perform a magic show in Dearborn, Michigan and now I’m booked to do a conference in Jacksonville, Florida.

Do you ever wonder how people get connected? How a business gets a new client? Or how long it takes to make a sale?

The bottom line is that “word of mouth” is the best form of advertising.

I’ve been in the entertainment field for 26 years, full time, doing magic and comedy shows. Friends are constantly asking me how I get booked around the country. Well, let me tell you, it doesn’t happen over night. I just booked a show in Jacksonville, Florida for a conference being held in January of 2007 for trucking firm. I’ll be presenting my stand-up, magic and comedy show called “Adults Laugh Louder.” (Come back to my blog next February and find out how it went.) And now for the rest of the story. (Thank you Paul Harvey.)

In November of 1998, Rob Lee was in Detroit for a convention and saw me perform. After the show he approached me and suggested that I would be great for the Christmas party his company was going to have. Well, by the time Rob got my information back to his office in Rockford, Illinois all the plans for that year’s party were in place.

Each year after that something came up. Either I was already booked, there was no budget or the party got cancelled completely. A couple years went by and I hadn’t heard anything. So in 2004 I called the company to speak to Rob just to find out that he was gone, retired, no longer with the company. You’d think my lead dried up. I asked to speak to the new person in charge of the entertainment, Denis Knuth, but found out that was a dead end, too. At this point I cut my losses, packed my bag and moved on.

Then, clear out of the blue, in June 2006, I get a call from Denis Knuth. The company was planning a huge picnic/conference for it’s vendors and employees. Denis told me that he knew Rob, had all my contact information and wanted to consider me for their corporate event. The catch was that they had a company executive who may be wanting to speak to the group. Because the day was packed with seminars and activities it was either the company honcho or me. Well, the company guy pulled rank. LOL He spoke and I didn't get the gig, but, it sounds like the folks in Rockford will be hiring me for 2007.

Time passes and this September I receive an e-mail from Patty Marin in Jacksonville, Florida. Patty works for a division of the company up in Rockford. She tells me that she’s heard about me and needs more information. I sent her to my website, spoke to her on the phone twice and was told she wants to hire me. The contract is sent, a deposit is paid and I’ll be in Jacksonville, Florida on January 25th.

So, what started eight years ago and is three times removed from the person whom I originally met has finally culminated in a show for the client and a booking for me.

There are quicker and easier ways to get booked but persistence, product and timing do pay off. I have some companies who are just getting around to organizing this year’s Christmas party and other groups who are booking me into the year 2008. If you have an event: be it a luncheon, banquet, holiday party, convention or hospitality suite in Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Hawaii, Maui, California or anywhere else please contact me so we can talk about how I can help you.


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